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  • Works under: Windows 11
  • Also available for Android 
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What is iTop VPN?

About the Developers

iTop is a Hong Kong-based tech team, owned by Orange View Limited. iTop began in 2016, and highlights features such as:

  • 1800+ premium services
  • Free and paid plans
  • Multiple discounts scheduled throughout the year

Features and Use Cases

Regional Web Unlocking

Some websites are limited to a region of local area, and these limits are usually managed by Internet Protocol (IP) address.

By default, a person's internet address will show the general area they're connecting from. This will usually be their current town, city, or nearest metro area. For most VPN customers, the most important part is the current country.

Many websites, streaming services, and online games utilize regional blocking, meaning that you can't connect to the service if your IP address isn't part of the allowed area. Or, in some cases, blocking you if you're from a specific blocking area.

With a VPN, you can change your connection's IP address to look like something from an allowed region.

Free Streaming

Not all VPNs are created equally. Basic VPN access to websites is good, but some services have a lot of delay or lag.

Anyone can start their own VPN services, but high quality access isn't guaranteed. Then, beyond the newbie business area, lots of customers leads to a struggle to keep up with demand.

iTop is a leader in VPN services, and ready to take streaming to the next level. Watch your streams privately and in unlocked regions, and keep it fast--at least on the VPN's side. Hopefully Netflix can keep up!

Kill Switch

One big issue with using a VPN is that some companies and sites hate it. If your VPN suddenly drops, but you're using an account that shouldn't be accessing websites outside of an area, that account could be banned.

Not a big deal if there's no account, or if you care about the account. However, if you're using an account with a collection of paid movies, programs, or other things in a regional store, your money is gone.

Similarly, if you're playing an online game and proud of your account, dropping VPN access and suddenly revealing that your from an outside, blocked country could result in a ban. It might not be immediate, but keep in mind that even the most disorganized companies could run a sweep of past net access and take action.

A kill switch protects you from those risks. When your VPN drops, your computer won't automatically switch to normal internet.

Not for a second, not for a quick blip. If your VPN access drops, your network is out completely and you need to manually turn things on.

This is an optional service. People who don't understand why this is necessary don't need to use it. But, if you're getting into the world of VPNs and especially using foreign accounts, do some research. If nothing else, you'll learn something cool!

Pros and Cons


  • Amazing Windows and Mac version, great interface.
  • Paid version is top tier, great for streaming.
  • A kill switch that actually works. Many VPNs get this wrong.


  • Annoying advertising and scareware in the free version.
  • The Android version isn't as simple as the Windows version. Needs some quality control and User Experience tweaks.
  • Free version is limited to 700MB.
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